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Degree Programs


The Degree Programs at Southeast Pacific University aim to produce high quality executives with appropriate skill set for the industry. They add value to the society by becoming top professionals or entrepreneurs.

Southeast Pacific University’s personalized programs enables graduates to become independent and credible in their thinking and execution which is a must for professional brilliance.

SEPU offers about 70 different majors through its 16 diversified schools that provide students with the precise opportunity they are looking for to perform in their field of interest and become future leaders.

Additionally, students can get their previously earned credits transferred to qualify for exemptions that lessen the time taken to earn their degrees.


Associate Degree Programs

Our Associate Degree Programs are appreciated across the industry, providing our students an opportunity to study the accredited online programs. We are offering 71 different majors in 16 diverse schools covering many general and specialized fields of study.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Southeast Pacific University provides you an opportunity to earn an internationally recognized and accredited degree from the comfort of your home. The degree will help you broaden your horizons and equip you with required knowledge to excel and grow in today's highly competitive business environment.

Master's Degree Programs

We offer accredited and globally recognized master's degree programs that enhance your corporate understanding and help you get rewarding jobs. The degree holds greater importance for working adults because of its flexibility

PhD Program

A PhD Degree is considered to be the top most academic milestone an individual can achieve in his field of interest. We and our partners constantly revise the curriculum for every degree program to ensure our students study from the best sources. Our recognized and well-known faculty consisting highly professional.